Wednesday, July 20, 2005

TV: Fuse TV

Si entran a podran ver como Fuse TV esta desafiando a MTV. Esto es algo que yo esperaba desde hace mucho tiempo. Es evidente que Fuse surge de una clarisima necesidad insatisfecha del Mercado. Aplicaron tendencias + sentido comun. Es muy probable que si Fuse sobrevive a la batalla, en un par de años se vuelva igual al MTV contra el cual esta peleando ahora. No importa. “MTV is a very different network than we are," he says. "They have different expectations. They're building a large, youth-oriented network. We're building a new music network. We're building a multidimensional music brand. That's a very different model and point of view. "I have a very basic philosophy: If I'm only looking at MTV, MTV2 or MTVU as my competition, I'm looking at the world with blinders on. Here's the competition: everything. Video games, DVDs, the online world. A teen-ager has a lot of things taking that time. It's not about one TV network. It's about the world of choice."

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