Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sympvertising on the beach

Dutch Boomerang Media recently came up with a new advertising outlet. Their so-called 'dressboxes' are roomy, circular changing rooms that are placed on busy beaches and are, of course, fully branded.

Boomerang is placing dressboxes at 50 different locations this summer, offering advertisers 'on the spot' advertising. Perfect for purveyors of sunscreens, sunglasses, and cold drinks. Nivea Sun booked the entire network for this season. would call this sympvertising: infusing consumer advertising with a pinch of sympathy. Although Boomerang and Nivea aren't doing so, it also seems like a prime spot for tryvertising: handing out product samples in a relevant setting. Opportunities? For those in the southern hemisphere, there's time to (quickly) set up a similar network for the upcoming summer. Marketers and media companies in the northern hemisphere have a bit longer to prepare for summer 2007.

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